What is the HCG Diet?

Baltimore HCG Weight Loss clinic Nava Health Center of Baltimore offers individualized HCG Diet plans to men and women that want to lose weight. Customized programs are based on each patient’s individual weight loss goals, preferences, and lifestyles. The clinic’s specialists help patients lose weight with the HCG Diet to help them feel and look healthier, while preventing obesity related diseases. Their passion for helping patients achieve their goals has helped countless men and women to obtain highly successful weight loss results with the HCG Diet.

What is HCG?

The HCG diet is based on research conducted by British endocrinologist Albert T.W. Simeons in the 1950’s. Doctor Simeons discovered how the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG) interacted with the metabolism of pregnant women in an effort to nourish and protect their unborn children. Based on this research Simeons began using HCG supplementation with a low-calorie diet in the very first HCG Diet plans with amazing results. Doctor Simeons found that HCG could help both men and women release abnormal fat deposits and shed excess weight quickly and safely.

The HCG diet typically requires daily HCG injections measured specifically to your body’s needs and a low-calorie diet designed to optimize your weight loss results. Call and talk to an HCG Diet doctor who will provide you with all the details of what an HCG diet designed for you would look like.

What Are the Basic Steps of an HCG Diet?

The HCG diet can deliver fast, effective weight loss results as part of a three-to-six-week program. You can take HCG for up to six weeks at a time before your body begins to adapt to the hormone, decreasing its effectiveness. If you have more than 35-40 pounds to lose, or did not meet your desired weight loss goals with the first course of a customized HCG diet plan, you can safely undergo another course of the diet after a break of at least three weeks to reset your bodies tolerance for HCG. Typically, HCG dieters consume 500-600 calories per day in addition to daily HCG supplementation.

How is HCG Administered?

HCG is typically administered in the form of a daily injection. HCG products are only available under the supervision and recommendation of licensed medical professionals, and require a prescription from a qualified doctor. All forms of over the counter HCG products sold as homeopathic remedies online and in stores have been banned by the FDA. For your health and safety it is not recommended to consume any of these products as they are largely unregulated and often illegal.

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions While on an HCG Diet?

The HCG Diet uses HCG supplementation to stimulate your metabolism into burn fat while preserving muscle when used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet. The use of HCG can also promote balance among other hormones in your body; men for example typically experienced higher testosterone levels as a result of losing weight and taking HCG, improving energy levels, sexual function and libido.

Most dieters consume 500-600 calories daily on the HGC diet focusing on lean proteins such as chicken, shrimp and steak as well as fresh vegetables and low-sugar fruits. Vegetarians can also take advantage of the dramatic weight loss results of an HCG Diet.

Should I Consult an HCG Diet Plan Expert Before I Start Taking HCG?

An HCG Diet Doctor can help you develop a diet plan and daily calorie allotment to ensure that you can achieve your weight loss goals quickly and safely. The only way to obtain safe, legal, and proven HCG products is from a licensed medical professional.

What Kind of Results Should I Expect From an HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is about achieving safe and healthy weight loss results. Those who adhere to the low-calorie diet can expect fast, effective and high-quality results while taking HCG as part of a medically supervised HCG diet plan.

HCG dieters should expect to develop healthier eating habits and a revitalized metabolism while observing an HCG diet plan. Maintaining these results after the diet can be achieved by continuing to make healthy food choices and staying active after the diet has ended. Even after returning to a more normal daily caloric intake, with daily physical activity and good eating habits most HCG dieters are able to keep the weight off permanently. Those who return to eating foods high in fat and sugar, and resume a sedentary lifestyle, are more likely to relapse and gain weight after they complete the HCG diet.

Does the HCG Diet really work?

Like any diet, The HCG Diet works only if you adhere to a strict regimen. The HCG Diet focuses on a low-calorie intake to maximize weight loss and the HCG hormone’s ability to stimulate the body’s natural process of removing and burning stored fat. HCG dieters can choose from a wide variety of fresh natural foods and lean proteins that encourage health and wellness.

The HCG Diet Doctors at Nava Health Center of Baltimore have helped countless men and women to achieve their weight loss goals and overcome their weight loss challenges. Before beginning an HCG Diet program, each patient’s current health, medical history, dietary habits, and weight loss obstacles are assessed. Then, a plan that sets patients up for weight loss success is customized. Using comprehensive HCG Diet plans, patients can safely and effectively lose weight.

To learn more about obtaining a personalized HCG Diet program, contact Nava Health Center of Baltimore to schedule a consultation!