HCG Diet For Men and Women

Nava Health Center of Baltimore is a Baltimore HCG Injections Clinic that has helped countless patients in the Howard County and Columbia, Maryland areas to lose weight and return to optimal levels of health. The HCG Diet specialists help women and men to overcome the challenges associated with obesity. Providing patients with customized HCG Diet programs, men and women obtain highly successful weight loss results. Designing programs that suit unique needs takes into account patients’ stress levels, medical history, and treatment goals.

HCG Diet Programs For Women

Every Nava Health Center of Baltimore specialist ensures that the proper tests and research is done on each patient before they start an HCG diet program, which ensures that the optimal dosage and meal plan is identified for each unique patient in an effort to maximize results. As the HCG, along with the low calorie diet, helps a woman begin losing fat, the fat loss will begin to help a woman’s hormone levels go back to normal once again, resulting in many health benefits.

HCG is a hormone that is naturally made by the body, so women don’t need to worry about the hormone disrupting their hormonal balance. Unfortunately, many women already have hormonal imbalances that contribute to obesity, and HCG may actually help correct these imbalances. A lack of estrogen in the body may cause the body to start storing fat, since the fat cells produce extra estrogen. As the body increases its fat stores, eventually estrogen levels may climb too high, which makes it tough for women to take off the extra body fat. When the body stores unhealthy body fat, it disrupts the natural hormone levels of the body. In some women, abnormal hormone levels may cause other medical problems, such as heavy periods, fatigue, spotting, cramping, or early periods.

Women often gain weight after going through menopause, which occurs due to the lack of estrogen in the body. This lack of estrogen causes the body to begin storing fat. Since fat cells do not provide a good source of estrogen, the body begins trying to enlarge those fat cells to increase estrogen levels. Unfortunately, this results in weight gain, and it’s often most noticeable in the abdominal area. Postmenopausal women often find that the HCG diet provides an excellent way to lose the weight they have gained going through menopause.

Women of all ages have enjoyed great success with the HCG diet, and many women lose up to one pound of fat each day they are on the diet. However, the results will vary from woman to woman. Call Nava Health Center of Baltimore today to learn more about if an HCG medical weight loss plan is right for you.

HCG Diet Programs For Men

Before a man starts the HCG diet, multiple medical tests are performed and the results of those tests are used to design a HCG diet program unique to each patient. Men will be required to follow a low calorie diet and HCG supplements will be used daily. The combination of the low calorie diet and HCG supplements causes the body to begin using fat as energy, resulting in effective weight loss for men.

HCG is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy; many men ask if HCG is safe for them to take. HCG is a natural hormone, so men don’t need to worry about dealing with any negative side effects. HCG is only used under the supervision of a medical professional, ensuring that men enjoy the benefits of HCG safely. The weight lost while on an HCG diet can actually boost testosterone and energy levels, so male patients that choose an HCG diet plan do not have to worry about female hormones causing undesirable side effects.

In many cases, low testosterone levels make it tough for men to lose weight. Since HCG stimulates the production of testosterone within the testicles, the HCG diet is very effective for men struggling to lose weight. HCG also works on the hypothalamus to balance the body’s hormone levels. Not only do men enjoy weight loss while on the HCG diet, the HCG often increases levels of testosterone, which offers a number of health benefits.

Hormone levels are measured before men start this diet, which ensures that the diet is specifically tailored to meet every man’s unique weight loss and hormonal needs.

What To Expect When Starting The HCG Diet

Appropriate testing to determine candidacy for the HCG Diet will be performed. Offering a variety of HCG Diet program options, Nava Health Center of Baltimore will provide HCG Diet plans that are customized to fit personal needs. Vast numbers of women and men have been able to obtain great weight loss results with the HCG Diet.

To learn more about obtaining a specialized HCG Diet program, contact Nava Health Center of Baltimore to schedule a consultation!