Meet the Team at the Nava Health Center

Featured Provider:

Baltimore HCG Diet Doctor Douglas Lord MD
Douglas Lord, M.D.

Douglas Lord, M.D. is the medical director of the Nava Health Center of Baltimore and was one of the first physicians to join the organization. He has over 40 years of medical experience and has made significant contributions to our Center and its founding principles.

Dr. Lord has helped develop and implement the Nava Health and Vitality Center’s integrative approach to total body wellness. By working with other experts in the field of functional medicine, he has been able successfully implement a range of therapies, treatments, modalities and products at the Nava Health and Vitality Center. In his role at Nava and as a doctor, Douglas Lord, M.D. advocates for medical innovation and creates the best experiences for his clients by ensuring they have access to the newest and best advances of functional medicine. Over the course of his career, Doug has developed the reputation as a highly respected practitioner and an expert in cutting-edge surgical techniques.

Additional Providers:

Nava Health Center of Bethesda:

LaKeischa McMillan, M.D.
LaKeischa McMillan, M.D. at Nava Health Center of Bethesda has over 15 years of medical experience. Basing treatment plans off lab work, personal health goals, and symptoms, Dr. McMillan makes sure that her patients obtain personalized wellness plans. Taking a functional medicine approach to wellness, LaKeischa McMillan, M.D. combines a holistic view of health with appropriate medical weight loss programs. Dr. McMillan recognizes that a personal connection with her patients is the best way to help them achieve optimal results. As a result, her practice centers around her patients and she spends as much time as is needed with each one. Because of Dr. McMillan’s expert plans, many patients have been able to successfully lose weight and keep it off, rediscovering the life they want to live.

Nava Health Center of Washington DC:

Nayo Wills, M.D.
Nayo Wills, M.D. at Nava Health Center is a Washington DC HCG Diet Doctor that has been practicing Functional and Integrative Medicine for over ten years and has used the HCG Diet to help vast numbers of men and women to overcome obesity. Her specialized programs are designed to meet individual needs and preferences in order to set patients up for weight loss success. Dr. Wills helps patients begin their transformation towards a healthier, happier, and longer life with the HCG Diet. Her passion is working with individuals who are interested in self-directed healing and optimization of their health. She believes that everyone can prevent disease, regain whole health and wellness, and optimize their weight through mastery of their thoughts and implementation of proper nutrition, exercise and other restorative practices. After having seen thousands of patients, Dr. Nayo has learned the fundamentals that lead to longevity, vitality and wellness. She has also completed several courses in Bio-identical Hormone Balancing, and is certified in, and practices, medical acupuncture, along with her extensive training and experience in mind-body medicine, metaphysics, weight optimization and nutritional healing.

To learn more about the HCG Diet and the additional the services and therapies offered at Nava Health Center of Baltimore, contact Baltimore HCG Diet Doctor, Douglas Lord, M.D. today to schedule your consultation!